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  • Michal (Mitak) Mahgerefteh

Memoir Poetry | Abstract Art 

Field of Harps

reviews - sample poems


*****GOODREADS Review

I'm not a huge poetry fan, but gave this a shot after winning it in a giveaway here on Goodreads. I read this cover to cover in one sitting, taking the time to read each poem out loud. I found it an interesting experience. This collection of poems explores the intent of the written word from a spiritual perspective. The poems are, therefore, about words quite literally. I was most intrigued at the author's use (or nonuse) of punctuation. Unlike the majority of poetry I've read, Mahgerefteh's poems leave out punctuation for the most part. Not only is this a comment on this collection's overall story – the written word, and how language flows – but, it leaves each poem even more open to the reader's interpretation. Each poem can be read in several different ways, with the emphasis on different words, and pauses taken at different times. At first, I found this to be quite challenging, but now I'm appreciating its artistry.​ 

My favorite poems include: pOetry,The Written Word, and The Absence of Words. I know I'll be picking up Field of Harps every now and again to experience them again. If you like poetry, or anything pertaining to language and how it's formed, I think you'll enjoy Field of Harps.

***** GOODREADS Review

While I am not a religious person, I am a lover of "words" and that is all that is needed to thoroughly enjoy and be moved by this wonderful collection of poems! I received this as a "first-reads" book and couldn't be happier. It has been a while since I've read a book of poems and now I am wondering why! I look forward to reading other books published by this author.

****GOODREADS Review

Truly, I thought this would be a quick read - yet the depth of the woods, thought not in abundance, take your down a peaceful path. Michal uses words as an artist uses a paintbrush. The pictures and emotions transferred to me as I read the poems. If you want to just feel good and have a quick, thought-provoking read, grab this book! You won't be worry!

****GOODREADS Review

This is a beautiful book of poetry. I think one of the best poems in this collection is "Into the Desert." She captures an aspect of spirituality and life. These poems are a journey of the soul, of understanding, and desire.

****GOODREADS Review

I won this in a Goodreads giveaway. I admit that poetry isn't usually my thing. They were well written and the subject matter was pretty straight forward. This was certainly no boring English lit class.

****GOODREADS Review

This was a lovely collection of beautiful poems. My personal favorites were “Invocation” and “For Eternity.” They really spoke to me.

****GOODREADS Review

Beautiful book of poems I won from First Reads. Glad to be introduced to this author - Very nice work. Looking foward to reading more!

Sample Poems

With Words

within my awareness

a gushing sound of words

streams to feed my ink-bruised fingers

layers of aimless wandering

uncover the en-fleshed soul

until it shines with its own beauty

*Published by RoamAndPlay Magazine

copyright©Michal Mahgerefteh

Morning Bells 

words my judge and silent witness

sound their morning bells

my eyes fired with verses and trail

of letters seeking the origin of birth

and its wealth of hymns 

a place for my lonely prayers

charmed with patterns

magnolia orchard vine

this yearning carved a cavity

in my identity as I retreated

into an inner world shrouded

by restless thoughts no magic

carpet for my bare feet just

words to sail in a rich vocabulary    

*Published by RoamAndPlay Magazine

copyright©Michal Mahgerefteh


like birds they chirp sweet melodies

as if the earth itself created them  

nightly I strip before their eyes

no veil over the lower parts

until my womb swells with the finery

of thoughts known only to me 

*Published in an anthology honoring

Professor Yossi Tobi (Israel)

copyright©Michal Mahgerefteh

Field of Harps