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   Michal  Mahgerefteh

                       Poetry and Art


Poetry Chapbook

Poetry collection centered

on depression in older adults -

my relationship with my father

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Field of Harps

Poetry Chapbook

Poems reflecting

on the intent
and process

of writing.

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What's Left Behind

Poetry Chapbook

Poetry collection

centered on my cancer-ill 

mother and the family

who cared for her.

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In My Bustan

Poetry Collection
Out of print

The first collection (2009)

reflecting on family, tradition,

and country. Second edition

forthcoming in 2023

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Red Thread Around My Wrist
Poetry Chapbook

Poetry collection

inspired by the words 
of Rumi and other
spiritual Masters. 

(Forthcoming 2023)

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The Rising Song
Poetry Chapbook

In 2014, my son was diagnosed
with a rare condition of MRSA
in his blood and sepsis in his lungs.
This Micro poetry chapbook
reflects on his illness and recovery.

December 2021

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Sipping Memories

Poetry Chapbook

In 2010, I joined a tour group to Morocco with the hope in finding my parents' and grandparents' home near the Jewish quarter in Rabat,
where my ancestors lived for over
2000 years. It was 
an emotional,
but a rewarding trip.

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My Process

I close the door to be alone with my thoughts. I write and rewrite the first draft; keep my favorite verses and erase those that don’t fit into the experience… I often keep them for another poem. I write my truth, my experiences, and my imagination. I think in two languages and write in one; not so easy but I like the challenge. I am a whole source of inspiration and there is no worry in my writing process. I don't read and write everyday; I take a break to allow memories to resurface and then I attend to the forgotten experiences with a mature attitude… it is safe, now that I’m turning 60, November 7th,  2021.