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New Oil Painting Series 2018
"On the Third Day"

Originals and Reproductions 
Available SAATCHI Gallery 

About "On the Third Day" Series

Since I can remember myself I've been connected to divine energy, some call it God. The connection I feel is strong, often overwhelming as I Am Aware! As I mature, I feel the need to leave something behind to honor the connection, this is how... "On the Third Day" series is after the book of Genesis: When He formed dry-land He named it Earth; When He formed body of waters He named it Seas. 

The process of my creation: I use oil pigments that consist of 60% wax, intuitively I spread the paint on the surface with industrial heat gun, no paint brushes of any kind are used. Strong colors dominate the surface, enhancing the chaotic process of creation. 

You are invited to visit the growing series on SAATCHI Gallery 

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